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Balloon-powered hoverboard

Ever wanted to make your own Hoverboard? Follow this step-by-step guide to make your own balloon – powered mini hoverboard!


What you need

An old CD

A push-to-close sports drink bottle cap

Plasticine or Blu-tac

A balloon

Health and Safety

Ask an adult to help you with this experiment.
Read of Health and Safety policy

What to do

1. Find the items in the section above

2. Use a ring of plasticine or blu-tac to fix the bottle cap over the hole in the middle of the CD

3. Blow up the balloon, and then fit over the bottle cap

4. Lift the valve in the bottle cap up, which will make the balloon deflate, pushing air under the CD

5. Floating on a layer of air, you can now push your hoverboard around on a flat, smooth surface!

What's Happening

The air inside the balloon provides a cushion underneath the CD for the hoverboard to float. Because the weight of the bottlecap and CD prevent the balloon flying away, this means there’s a balance while the balloon deflates of air from the balloon against gravity. There’s also no friction under the CD, meaning it can float freely around on a flat and smooth surface.

Check out this video from our friends at We The Curious for instructions and fun!