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Carbon dioxide balloon

Have you ever wanted to see carbon dioxide being made? Use this step-by-step guide to make a chemical reaction that produces carbon dioxide.


What you need

Baking Soda (2 tablespoons)

Vinegar (8 tablespoons)

Plastic bottle (500 ml should work fine)


Health and Safety

Ask an adult to help you with this experiment.
Read of Health and Safety policy

What to do

  1. Find all of the items listed above in the equipment list
  2. Carefully tip the Baking Soda into the balloon
  3. Pour the Vinegar into the bottle
  4. Stretch the balloon (with Baking Soda inside) over the neck of the bottle, but don’t let the contents mix just yet
  5. When you are sure the balloon is on tight, and you are ready, tilt/lift the balloon up so the Baking Soda falls into the bottle
  6. Observe the balloon inflate with the carbon dioxide this reaction produces!

What's Happening

Mixing these two common kitchen substances causes a chemical reaction that produces carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide is a clear, colourless and odourless gas, but you will see the fizz produced when the powder mixes with the liquid, it should foam up quite nicely.

If you use a balloon, it catches all the carbon dioxide neatly, and shows just how much gas can be produced from such a simple reaction.