Amazing Gases

As we know, gases are all around us! But how much do you know about these different gases? Test your knowledge with this quiz, and get them all right to access a bonus video!


  • The air we breathe is mostly oxygen!

  • Food is packaged in air!

  • We breathe in carbon dioxide!


  • Only around 20% of the air we breathe is oxygen

  • Many gases are used to package food safely, if air were used, many foods would spoil quicker

  • Although carbon dioxide is the fourth most abundant gas in the air, it only accounts for around 0.04% of the air that we breathe


Test your Knowledge

Now all you have to do is answer correctly the six multiple questions below to access the bonus video! Top tip – The answers can be found in the Myths and Truths above.


The air that we breathe is mostly made of which gas?

Hydrogen and oxygen together make up which substance?

Which of these gases can be found in the air that we breathe and can also be used in the manufacture of double glazed windows and light bulbs?