Chlidren experimenting


Gases are all around us, and are used in all areas of science, engineering, medicine and life in general. The Secret World of Gases will explore how some of these gases are used, and could be used in the future as we move towards a lower carbon and more energy-efficient society.


The Secret World of Gases family show can be seen in our participating Science Centres, but you can use this website to meet an expert and find out about some of the scientists and engineers who work with different gases every day, and then test yourself with our Amazing Gases quiz!

Amazing Gases

From the nitrogen that’s used in food packaging, to the argon that’s used in light bulbs, gases really are all around us. Take our interactive quiz to find out more, and get all six right for a bonus video showing you how to do one of the experiments in The Secret World of Gases Family Show!

Meet the Experts

The Secret World of Gases has been developed with expertise from BOC and The Royal Society of Chemistry among others. Meet some of the people who work in chemistry and with gases everyday, they’re all just people, just like you!