Welcome to The Secret World of Gases!

This fantastic programme engaged, inspired and involved school-age children and their families with the amazing stories and science of gases.

The family show was delivered by nine Science Centres across the UK as part of the ASDC network.


Amazing Gas Fact…

Oxygen is common in the universe. You can see the evidence of oxygen on the surface of other planets even without a telescope. Take a look at Mars in the sky. The distinctive red colour of rocks on the surface of Mars is caused by iron minerals oxidising (rusting) in the presence of oxygen.



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Gases are in action all the time, and chemical reactions are taking place all around us. See here for some cool examples of how gases feature in the chemistry that’s going on while you eat, breathe, sleep and live!

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The Secret World of Gases features loads of exciting activities as part of the programme. You can read about some of these here, and even have a go of some of them at home!

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